Boracay’s 1 Millionth Guest Expected This Year

The Boracay Insider“Close, but no cigar!”

Ok, probably we were just a little bit ahead of ourselves[making it happen in 2011 challenge]. But 2012 is seen to be the year that visitors to the island resort of Boracay reach the million mark[original target is 2013].

2011 total tourist arrivals: 908,875, a 17% increase from 779,666 arrivals in 2010. More importantly, revenue is up from Php 14.3 Billion in 2010 to Php 16.7 Billion last year.

With new airlines servicing the country and more international direct-flights to Kalibo International Airport[KIA] from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, plus, the highly-anticipated Boracay Airport[MPH] “night flights” expected in summer 2012, Boracay is definitely ready to welcome it’s 1 millionth guest this year! Cigar awaits…

“So when are you coming?”

Have you planned your Boracay trip this year? This might come in handy. And yes, book early!

Boracay’s Top 5 busiest months in 2011:

  1. April [121,301]
  2. May [98,279]
  3. December [88,615]
  4. March [73,666]
  5. October [71,175]

Top countries who visited Boracay in 2011:

  1. Korea [108,622]
  2. Taiwan [75,107]
  3. China [68,624]
  4. Germany
  5. UK
  6. Sweden
  7. Switzerland
  8. Norway
  9. US [15,009]
  10. Russia [9,557]
  11. Japan [6,111]
  12. Hong Kong [4,821]
  13. Canada [4,581]
  14. Saudi Arabia [3,458]

[Source: Boracay Sun]


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