Davao to Boracay[Kalibo] Direct Flights – FINALLY!!!

The Boracay Insider

Fellow Davaoenos, this is it! Davao-Boracay(Kalibo) v.v. for only P1,176.00 “all-in”!!!


My “Law Of Attraction” blog entry last year must have worked-send positive thoughts out to the world and the world responds accordingly. “Living on Boracay is expensive”, as I’ve shared [probably a million times] to friends over the years. Let alone traveling to and fro my hometown is a two plane-ride process.

When friends plan a trip to Boracay, I always recommend a minimum of 5 days; 2 days for traveling, 3 days for “fun under the sun”. Say, you leave Davao in the morning, arrive Manila or Cebu for your layover[minimum of what- 3 hours of waiting?], then ride your plane to Boracay. Arrive Caticlan, add one hour then you will be on the island by 5pm. Arrive Kalibo, add 2 hours. Day one, almost done. Good thing Boracay is also one of the best places to party! Reserve some energy for the evening party scene, it will be worth it.

Felt the brunt of air travel cost summer of last year when my folks came home for a vacation. Round trip to Davao from Boracay cost me P10 grand easily. One trip, P16k. All airline options considered.

Kalibo Airport AklanLo and behold, Cebu Pacific announces their Davao-Boracay(Kalibo)-Davao route and ran a P60 seat sale[P588/way- fuel surcharge included] last June 13-15, 2012. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to avail of this promo. After about a week or so, they had another seat sale and this time, with travel period  ’til March 2013. Booked not one but two[2] round trip tickets for just a little over P3k. It felt like I won the lottery. Indeed a blessing much appreciated. No more traveling six[6] hours to Ilo-ilo from Boracay just to cut the cost in half. Now, I can go home as often as my budget allows or my family can come visit more often.

More importantly, this will open doors to Davao’s potential as an eco-tourism destination as August[CebuPac’s “Davao-Boracay(Kalibo)-Davao” route officially takes off with four[4] flights per week], the city celebrates its annual harvest festival “Kadayawan“. For decades, it has been a yearly ritual of mine to go home, be with family, eat kinilaw[Davao’s ‘to-die-for’ ceviche], join the festivities, and indulge in “durian frenzy’- the king of fruits for only P25/kilo.

I wonder what’s in store for me this Kadayawan 2012? Last year was special because mum came home and we had so much fun. She also chanced upon the “Iron Lady of Davao City” Mayor Sara Duterte, while I had the privilege of meeting the ‘pound for pound’ king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and wife Jinky. It’s only a matter of days and I can already taste durian and kinilaw in my mouth-yum! I’ll keep you posted.

The Iron LadyDavao KinilawKing Of Fruits

Madayaw Davao!

Going to Davao anytime soon? Check out CebuPac for special deals or better yet subscribe to their Seat Sale Alert. “See you in Davao!”


4 thoughts on “Davao to Boracay[Kalibo] Direct Flights – FINALLY!!!

    1. Boracay Insider says:

      Hi Jim,

      I’m actually hoping for a DVO-MPH (Caticlan) route soon since Boracay Airport is upgraded and now ready to accommodate big planes. Reports have said that the SMC group (who manages the project) is now building a temporary terminal to make way for this development, 6(six) months they say. So “hopefully” by the end of the year or early next year, the much better Davao-Boracay direct route will commence – crossing fingers.

    1. Boracay Insider says:

      Hey Tom,

      Unfortunately there’s none. CebuPac took out their Davao-Kalibo flight last February 2014 and replaced it with Davao-Bacolod. Just came from Davao for a three(3)-week vacation and the trip cost me at least P10k, as compared with P3K for the direct flight before.

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